100,000th View to Archival Blog

I have hundreds of stories in these archival boxes for you!!

I have hundreds of stories in these archival boxes for you!

(St. John’s, NL, July 31, 2013)  we reached a milestone today, recording 100,000 page views!

The site was designed less than a year ago to bring attention to the extensive archival collection of material that is held in archives throughout the province.

“Archival Moments’ takes an archival document that has some relevance to a particular day, and then writes a synopsis of the document which is then posted.  The posting includes reference to the particular archives that holds the original document and includes suggested reading material.

The goal of ‘Archival Moments’ was and remains to encourage those who come to the blog to do some further research on the topics that are posted.  This site is all about bringing attention to the great stories and traditions that are found in archives.

In the last few months ‘Archival Moments’ posted stories  about the oldest man in the world, a Newfoundlander,  we’ve talked about the significance of Memorial Day, imported moose, mysterious icebergs, and we’ve even solved a mystery. We learned about the proposed international airport for Trepassey, bonfire night, giant squid and public bath houses!

Be sure to stay tuned in the next few months as Archival Moments will let you learn about jail conditions in the old city (not much has changed), a bigamist in the town, (the descendants will be surprised!) an attempted assassination on a Catholic bishop,  and the employment of cats!!

It’s certainly been a busy year. Thanks to everyone who have stopped by and who have shared with others.

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Page views refer to the number of times visitors to the site have looked at the pages that I have created.  Every time a visitor loads one of the pages, a page view is counted.

Here’s to the next 100,000 views!!