Newfoundland soldier, actor and face of the British Legion

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October 25, 2013

Cassisy Little is originally from Newfoundland

Cassisy Little is originally from Newfoundland

Lance Corporal Cassidy Little who grew up in Newfoundland is one of the faces of the British Legion’s Remembrance Programs, in particular, their poppy program.

Lance Corporal Little is the son of St. John’s business woman Elaine Hann, owner – operator of St. John’s Executive Apartments.  Cassidy originally went to London, England in 2004 to pursue a career in acting; he opted instead to join the Royal Marines in 2005, completing his first deployment in Afghanistan shortly after.

He was retrained as a commando medic and, during his second tour of Afghanistan in 2011, Lance Corporal Little, while on patrol, was injured in a deadly IED explosion that resulted in multiple casualties and two deaths.

Since then, Lance Corporal Little has undergone extensive rehabilitation and joined Hasler Company – the Royal Marines unit for injured personnel.

Little is known for his sense of humor.  Asked what  he said as he lay injured after an IED attack in Afghanistan,  he said:  “I woke up and asked if the leg was still there. And the guy said, ‘no, sorry it’s gone, taken clean off.’ And so I said, ‘there goes my dancing days.”

Life for  Little has gone full circle. Having gone to London to explore an acting career he now finds himself back on the stage.

Little participated in a theatre project run jointly by the Royal British Legion and The Theatre Royal Haymarket Masterclass Trust to aid the recovery of wounded, injured and sick Service personnel, playing the lead role in the ‘Two Worlds of Charlie F’, an original play created through the project and based on the real experiences of the personnel.

Cassidy said: “The theatre project funded by The Royal British Legion was a turning point in my recovery. While the medical teams put my body back together, taking part in the play ‘Two Worlds of Charlie F’ gave me back my self-esteem and confidence when it was at its lowest ebb.”

The play starring Cassidy and other real-life British soldiers tells the story of their experiences fighting in Afghanistan. Mirvish Productions in Toronto  announced last week that, The Two Worlds of Charlie F — the little play that turned into a big phenomenon — is coming to Toronto next year. It will run Feb. 25 to March 9 at the prestigious Princess of Wales Theatre.  The play has  been described as “literally changing lives.”

Listen and watch Cassidy Little tell his story:

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