Monument to Portuguese fishermen to be erected

An Invitation to a Portuguese Dinner

Portuguese Fishery designed by the Portuguese artist Antonio Neves.

Portuguese Fishery designed by the Portuguese artist Antonio Neves.

In 2012 at the request of a Commanding Officer in the Portuguese Navy a search was initiated in St. John’ s to find the unmarked grave of Dionisio Esteves, a 26 year old fisherman who lost his life of the coast of Newfoundland in 1966.

Using photographs and film, the unmarked grave was found by the archivist Larry Dohey in Mount Carmel Cemetery in St. John’s. Since the discovery of the grave, Portuguese Naval officials annually host a wreath laying ceremony at the site to remember Esteves who has come to symbolize all Portuguese fishermen who have died prosecuting the fishery. Esteves was one of the thousands of Portuguese who plied Newfoundland waters as part of the crew of the Portuguese White Fleet. Estves sailed on the celebrated Santa Maria Manuela.

Through the efforts of individuals in Newfoundland lead by Jean Pierre Andrieux and his wife Elizabeth  and  friends in  Portugal a monument has been designed that will be placed at the gravesite as a permanent memorial. The memorial was designed by the Portuguese artist Antonio Neves.

The memorial is being assembled in Portugal and will arrive in St John’s in mid-August by a Portuguese Navy vessel.

To help cover some of the costs for the design and installation of the memorial a  Portuguese dinner will be held at THE FLUVARIUM on Tuesday June 2nd   at 6 PM for 7PM dinner. This will be a Portuguese themed meal and will include:

Memorial 2Appetizer: Caldo Verde Soup

Main: Bacahhau Compinentos or Ptri Piri Chicken

Desert: Custard Éclair

Refreshment: A glass of the celebrated Newman’s Port

The cost is $100.00 per person with a $50.00 Tax Receipt.

A Portuguese gift basket will be available on tickets at the dinner.

We hope that you will be able to join us for the occasion

Reservations with your choice of the main course should be made with us at 753-7277 or by email at

Please reserve your place as soon as posible.