Fish Plentiful, But No Salt

Photo Credit:  The Rooms;  Spreading fish on a flake. VA 15A 13.4

The St. John’s newspaper, The Evening Telegram,  reported on June 19, 1923 that families in St. Mary’s and Placenta Bay  were all facing a rough summer.  In interviews  with  Mr. Edward Francis Sinnott, Member for the district of Placentia and St. Mary’s, it was reported that he had received messages from St. Bride’s,  Placentia Bay last night stating that fish had struck in plentiful, but owing to the lack of salt the men can not engage in catching same.

The message further stated  “that a serious situation has arisen in the Bay because of the shortage of salt and supplies in the district. Already many fishermen have been compelled to bar up their houses and leave the country because of impending conditions.”

The news of the first sign of fish in this section was always welcome in past seasons, but not so today when anxious fishermen who have large families dependent upon them can only wait and hope for relief. The shortage of salt is serious to these people, who are thus prevented from securing good catches at this season when fish is so plentiful.